the key to your
student’s future!
To Students and Parents,

College is a very costly investment and should not be left to chance. Lori Warren and My College Answers, LLC provides individual professional guidance to families making important educational decisions. My main focus is to assist students in the selection of appropriate High School courses, extensive Career Counseling and help guide them through the college identification, selection and application process and provide strategic advice to parents and students on matters of financial aid.

Through this process, students discover which college is the best match for them and families experience reduced stress and anxiety during this important decision making period. Specifically, I review student credentials and educational goals and guide them as they prepare for the ACT and other entrance examinations.

Together we will develop an individualized list of colleges and prepare the student for interviews and campus visits. In addition, I will assist in the preparation of admissions applications and essays and help simplify the complex rules and regulations that govern the financial aid process. I know the college admissions and funding process inside and out and will be filing all the necessary forms early and correctly so you don’t have to worry about learning all of the rules and regulations. You’ll know with confidence that you and your student have a partner throughout this complicated and stressful time.