The average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. homeowner is over 10,000 kilowatthours (kWh).  Louisiana, a state with very little solar installed relative to the average, has the highest annual electricity consumption at 14,881 kWh per residential customer.  Hawaii, with a LOT of solar installations on homes, had the LOWEST at 6,061 kWh per residential customer.  All of this power for BOTH states can be produced by solar photovoltaic panels!

A quality solar system should last well over 30 years.  After the first decade, the average electricity offset savings is already over 5 figures!  After 25 years, the total savings on average will be over $38,000.00  Quite a lot better than paying 2 or 3 times that amount with no independence or return.  Each kW of solar installed also adds around $3,000 – $4,000 of resell value to the home (5-7 kW for the average home) and can also be added to the sell of a business.

Jobs in the solar industry now top 250,000.  Around 10% of those positions are held by veterans.

With a quality install done by a Sunshine approved company there is less than a 0.05% failure rate in panels and a guaranteed return.  You can trust that using one of our preferred installation companies you will recover the kWs and savings for decades – guaranteed!

Businesses who invest in solar in the United States offset more than 3/4ths of their electricity use on average – resulting in an average savings of over $1,400.00 a MONTH.  Businesses both large and small can typically take their power bill savings to pay for their solar.  Using the same budget for electricity to completely purchase solar takes under 7 years.  Comparing Solar vs power bills in that 7 years means a business spent no extra money but now has tens of thousands of dollars each year for more than two decades that is NOT being spent on electricity!

Solar lets a home or business own the sun and stop renting power.

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In the renewable sector, there is so much misinformation, shady salespeople, and outright lies from some of the companies involved – we thought it would be a good idea to provide a free resource to help the millions of home and business owners learn about the industry.  If you would like to have us help you get the most out of any investment, please take our survey.

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