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Investing in Personal Growth Pays Lifetime Dividends

by Linda Sechrist “Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu Investing in our personal growth and getting to know ourselves is a wise decision

by Linda Sechrist

“Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” Lao Tzu

Investing in our personal growth and getting to know ourselves is a wise decision that pays many dividends over a lifetime. At Amazing Changes, in Boise, a dynamic, inspired collaborative collection of independent business owners are serving Treasure Valley residents and the business community in the areas of personal growth, business growth and spiritual transformation. All partners are experienced coaches with a special focus in the areas of teens and family, business and leadership, life coaching, spirituality, meditation, women’s empowerment, laughter wellness, life management, music therapy, special needs, transformation and much more.

This month, Natural Awakenings is spotlighting four Amazing Change partners that share the beautiful space at 12668 West Fairview Avenue, where they meet clients and facilitate groups and workshops.

Marshall Townsend II – Making Growth a New Favorite Goal
Personal growth is the only guaranteed way to a better life. Growth, which is not automatic, must be intentional. The secret to its success is not starting because of what we don’t have, but rather because of what we desire to have. While it’s challenging to start and even harder to keep going, being consistent, disciplined and accountable are the keys to moving forward.

An accountability team is the best way to stay on the growth path. Joining a MT2Leadership, four-week or eight-week Mastermind workshop on the 15 Irrefutable Laws of Growth, by John Maxwell, is the best way to find likeminded individuals that have personal growth as their number one priority. The primary benefit of the workshops is that members develop skills to turn their “growth-dreams” into real-world “growth-plans”. Members learn to live their lives intentionally, see the value in themselves, create environments where growth thrives and learn about what is stopping them from moving forward. There is no growing backwards.

Marshall Townsend II, who has more than 40 years of experience in coaching, teaching and growing leaders nationally and internationally, facilitates workshops. As an independent executive director with the John C. Maxwell team, Townsend is certified to bring the Mastermind material directly to individuals from Maxwell, the international leader on growing leadership.

Marshall O. Townsend II is an independent executive director with the John Maxwell team. For more information, call 208-724-9087, email GrowingForward@MT2Leadership.com or visit MT2Leadership.com.

Tana Bengoa – Conscious Parenting to Deal with Teen Trauma
Disconnection between parents and their teens is frequently unnoticed by parents until it shows up as undesirable behaviors, rebellion or even suicide. Parents then search for answers for what went wrong, often blaming outside circumstances and seeking ways to fix their child, as well as their behavior.

Conscious parenting, the practice of being aware of what children are triggering for parents to see in their own lives, helps parents to heal their own childhood trauma. As parents see the behavior of their children as a mirror in which to see themselves and their own stories, childhood traumas and life patterns begin to unravel and transform. As parents heal, their children’s behavior magically begins to change. Although it is optimal to learn and practice conscious parenting skills while children are young, it is never too late to start.

The most effective way to embark upon this journey is through group work, family coaching or a combination of both. Parent groups allow for the experience of sharing unique challenges, hearing other parent’s stories, as well as learning and practicing tools that provide for a parent’s personal transformation. Family coaching is done with individual families or in small groups, where sessions alternate between solely parents, solely teens, and teens with parents.

Tana Bengoa, “the teen whisperer”, is an intuitive teen and family coach located in the Amazing Changes Transformation Center. For more information, email Tana@TheTeenWhisperer.com or visit TheTeenWhisperer.com.

Tenille Wheeler – Emotional Integration Therapy and the Power of Touch
Touch is a basic human need that many of us are lacking in our daily lives. According to many studies, the power of touch runs deep and creates healing in many ways. It can lift depression and anxiety, promote healthy hormone production and increase circulation, as well as many other benefits.

According to Dr. Dacher Keltner writing in Psychology Today, adults require human touch to thrive. “In recent years, a wave of studies has documented some incredible emotional and physical health benefits that come from touch. This research is suggesting that touch is truly fundamental to human communication, bonding and health.”

Touch deprivation has been proven to cause emotional, mental, and physical disorders and diseases. It also can lead to suicide and drug abuse. Neuroscientist Huda Akil, Ph.D., identified that a lack of touch leads the brain to rewire itself, causing psychological problems. One of Akil’s studies found that people over 50 that are touch deprived are twice as likely to die than those that regularly receive compassionate touch.

Emotional Integration Therapy creates feelings of contentment, safety, joy, love, worthiness and a better outlook on life.

Tenille Wheeler offers a platonic connection in a safe, professional environment at the Amazing Changes Transformation Center. Connections are tailored to an individual’s particular needs for joy, inner peace and a brighter outlook on life. For more information, call 208-810-0957 or visit WarmEmbraces.US.

Jillian Landis – Self-Care Leads to Self-Love
Practicing self-care—being true to ourselves—may be “easy peasy” when it applies to taking a shower and brushing teeth. However, with regard to difficult and more challenging issues, such as when a boss asks an employee to do something unethical, compromising dreams because a spouse doesn’t like it or a loved one is being mistreated and self-care means leaving, it takes much more courage to do what is right. While it requires integrity, choosing what is right over what is fun, fast and easy can sometimes demands the sacrifice of everything else.

Self-care should not be taken lightly, even though is might seem like a casual concept. Own it. Take it seriously. Self-care can empower us, save lives, offer freedom, self-love, and pure contentment. Most of all, it gives the world the greatest gift of our authentic selves.

Jillian Landis is a life coach specializing is self-care. For appointments, call 208-412-7109 or email DefyTheAverage@gmail.com. For information, visit BoiseLifeCoach.com.

Location: Amazing Changes Transformation Center, 12668 W. Fairview Ave., Boise. For more information on each Amazing Changes partner and what they offer, visit TogetherWeHavePower.com.


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